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In the June 2003 edition of the leading Italian magazine Musica Jazz, the  wellknown critic Gian Mario Maletto wrote:

In order to stand up straight, after its infancy, Italian Jazz has had to say thank you also, and not just a little, to Lilian Terry:

A jazz singer when in the 50s, 60s and 70s there was no one else who knew what jazz singing was about, she was also spreading the Jazz Verb from a national RAI radio and TV network particularly stingy jazzwise.   She was the founder and a teacher in her Jazz Music School at Bassano del Grappa, which was one of the first such institutes nationwide.   Today Lilian has retired to live on the Côte d'Azur but here comes her message forcing us to remember her.   Especially as an artist.    

Ira Gitler (well known US jazz critic) on Lilian Terry's performance in her latest CD "EMOTIONS":

Cherish what you have here in this CD, a rara avis, a real jazz singer who understands it only as one who has lived inside it can.   Jazz singing is about essences, feeling, nuance, subtle use of time and other more esoteric attitudes that come with acquiring some substantial experience.  Lilian Terry is of the music and for the music and she has the talent to use what she has learned in telling a story.   There are a mess of wannabees who try so hard to be hip that they end up in the corn field.   The bonafides are few and far between.   Lil is the real deal. (May 2002)

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