TCB (2000) "Emotions" with Francesco Crosara, Von Freeman and other US, Brazilian and Egyptian musicians (Night in Tunisia is sung in Egyptian)

Soul Note (1985) "Oo-shubidubi-Oo-Oo" with Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Drew, Ed Thigpen, Isla Eckinger.

CD recorded in Milan in 1985. Photograph taken by Fulvio Roiter in a luscious garden in Campione d'Italia (Switzerland) in1983.

Soul Note (1982) "A dream comes true" with Tommy Flanagan, Ed Thigpen, Jesper Lundgard 

Tommy Flanagan or the Cookie Monster. Milan 1982. The only pianist who could lure me back to a recording studio, after a silence of well over 10 years.

CGD & CBS (1960-1970) with Gianni Basso, Oscar Valdambrini, Dino Piana, Franco Cerri, George Gruntz, George Joyner, Buster Smith, etc.

Swiss pianist George Gruntz with George Joyner and Buster Smith in Milan 1963. While listening to the first 'take' of the session, in walked my good friend Helen Merrill with the four gentlemen of the MJQ! Unforgettable recording adventure.


Rome 1966

Singing Bacharach, in Italian, in order to be allowed to record also some jazz...

RCA Italiana (1960) with Romano Mussolini
& Nunzio Rotondo

1954, Rome of course, on the Pincio Terrace with Saint Peter's in the background. This was one of the first Jazz LPs recorded in Italy with the leading Italian artists Romano Mussolini and trumpeter Nunzio Rotondo.


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