Lilian Terry

a lifetime of jazz

Graphic of Lilian Terry with Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Abbey Lincoln, and Dave Brubeck
Lilian Terry has been active in the jazz field since the late 1950s as a singer, journalist, Italian radio and TV producer, concert organizer, and educator. Her first book, Dizzy, Duke, Brother Ray, and Friends, was published by the University of Illinois Press in 2017.
Dizzy, Duke, Brother Ray and Friends, Book Cover
Dizzy, Duke, Brother Ray and Friends offers a positive glimpse into the world of beloved jazz artist personalities with amusing anecdotes. From Ellington’s poetry to conversations with Roach, Charles, Silver, and Gillespie, Terry’s shared experiences and interviews present a captivating look into the world of jazz and its private moments.
Kerilie McDowall, DownBeat Magazine
Lilian Terry and Duke Ellington, Antibes/Juan les Pins, 1966

Ah! Love you madly, Uncle Eddie!

Lilian Terry and Max Roach, Milan, 1968
Lilian Terry and Max Roach, Milan, 1968

Handsome, brilliant Max Roach, fortunate husband (then) of Abbey Lincoln.

Having reached my 90th year of age, I look back at 70 years of activity in the world of jazz music and realize my extraordinary good fortune in having lived and worked with historical artists who - through all the many years - have accepted, befriended and given me their trust. Iconic names who shared aspects of their lives with me, and through so very many years. I had not considered it as my "job" but rather an essential meaning of my life, and they had understood, and therefore opened their doors and let me in.

Lilian Terry
Anita O'Day and Lilian Terry at Antibes Juan les Pins Festival, 1966

Discussing with Anita O'Day the woes of female Jazz singers.

Sonny Rollins, Lilian Terry, et al. Rome, 1963

TV Special including Italian "Quattro di Lucca" group. Always looking very sober, almost worried.